County Camping and Equipment Survey

Girlguiding Surrey East and London South West Counties, together with Faurefold, are interested in understanding how we can better support units to Go Away Outdoors.

Please complete this short survey, even if you do not currently take your unit camping

SURVEY 2: County Camping and Equipment Survey

Section (tick all that apply)

Have you ever camped at Faurefold?

1) Do you have someone in your unit who has an outdoor residential qualification?

2) If Yes - How many times did you camp each year prior to 2020?

3) If No - have are you considered getting your outdoor residential qualification?

4) Do you have someone with an indoor qualification?

5) Would you consider camping at Faurefold if a licence holder were available to support your camp?

6) Would this option be of value to help gain confidence to work toward the outdoor licence?

1) Do you have access to tents and camping equipment?

If YES, Where? (tick all that apply)

2) Do you (or would you) usually use a site which provides camping equipment?

3) How important a factor is it that the site provides equipment in your decision regarding which camp site to use

4) Did you know Faurefold has equipment available?

5) Would you be interested in access to County Camp Equipment for use anywhere?

6) If you have an outdoor qualification are you intending to take your unit away this year?

2) Are you planning to camp in 2022?

3) Have you considered camping at Faurefold?

Thank-you, Your responses will help us support camping in the County. 

If you do not see a confirmation message after pressing SUBMIT please scroll up and check for required fields. Thank-you .