Faurefold Challenge

Get going….

The Faurefold Challenge is  full of ideas to get you exploring the wild outdoors. It is designed to be completed at Faurefold, but you could do it anywhere.

Why not hold a Faurefold Challenge Pack holiday or book some outdoor evening sessions and fill your unit meetings with outdoor fun and adventure?

Challenge Activities

  1.  Roll down the grassy bank and feel the grass
  2.  Build a den
  3.  Run around in the rain
  4.  Make mud pies, mud sculptures or mud faces
  5.  Create some wild Art
  6.  Make and follow a trail
  7.  Pick blackberries
  8.  Create and enjoy a barefoot trail
  9.  Do some star gazing
  10. Hunt for bugs and mini beasts
  11. Catch a falling leaf. Try a leaf rubbing
  12. Look for animal burrows and tracks
  13. Make a bug castle
  14. Go for a walk in the dark
  15. Use the Faurefold map to find our special places
  16. Cook on an open fire
  17. Find mushrooms or toadstools
  18. Make something useful from the things you find in the woods
  19. Collect and name 6 different leaves
  20. Make a rainbow from natural materials
  21. Make bark rubbings
  22. Play hide and seek
  23. Collect charcoal and make a drawing
  24. Play Poohsticks
  25. Play Noughts and Crosses
Faurefold Challenge RA

Risk Assessment to be posted. Please contact us if you need it asap

Woodland Environment RA

View or download the Risk Assessment

Earn Snail Points for a Badge and Certificate.

Each activity in the booklet is worth Snail points. There is space to record your points and a certificate at the end

Collect as many snail points as you can to earn our lovely snail badge.

Challenge Badge

The Challenge badge comes in two colours. Will you choose green or blue?

Badges cost £1 each and can be ordered from our online shop or are available in the leaders lounge.

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