Session Booking Faurefold

Explore the woodland;  enjoy a campfire singalong or get den building. Your unit will love our outdoor spaces!

Looking to get your unit outdoors?

We can’t think of a better place

The woodland and campfire circle are available for Girlguiding, Scouting and Youth Groups

Check out our Activities page for ideas

Take a virtual tour of the Faurefold woodland at our gallery

The Nature Trail starts from the rear of the car park.  Fairy doors, Den Building, the log cabin shelter are in the woods behind the building an Discovery Boxes scattered across the site.

Geocaching and Bat Detection equipment is available on request.  Orienteering instructions are on the bookshelf.

We politely ask that you leave the site as you would wish to find it:

  • Please collect up any material in the woods marking trails or games.
  • Please dismantle any and all dens that you make and leave the sticks and wood in a tidy and safe state for others

Faurefold is Open for unit meetings

We are delighted that we have re-opened our campsite and grounds for outdoor meetings

All bookings are subject to current Covid-19 guidelines. Please download our Covid-19 Risk Assessment and view our Covid-19 -Notes for Leaders for further information:

Session Times

Four session slots are available

  • Morning:
08:00 – 12:30
  • Afternoon:
13:00 – 17:00
  • Early Evening:
17:30 – 19.15
  • Evening:
19.30 – 21.30

You may book consecutive sessions and can carry over directly from one to the next



  • A Covid-19 pricing structure is in place to recognise reduced meeting numbers and the additional financial pressure that 2020 has created.  Current pricing reflects the 2020 limitations on meeting size
  • If you wish to use the indoor and outdoor space you will be charged for both. Please book the house as well as the grounds

Unit Meeting Sessions

Campfire Circle / Grounds £10 per session

*Need a temporary regular meeting space – we are offering a discounted rate from units without a home.

Weekend Campsite Day Use

Day Use: £3.00 per person

For DofE and other users that wish to book full day use of the campsite please use the campsite booking form here

Make a Session Booking

For members of Girlguiding, The Scout Association and Youth Organisations

Session times are designed to facilitate use by multiple groups, however we can offer some flexibility around start and finish times, if there are no other bookings. Please note any desired changes to session times in the comments box.

Session booking is for the Campfire, and Woodland Areas only. The campsite may be occupied by another group.  For session-bookings of the campsite area please use the campsite booking calendar here. To reserve the whole site (excluding the house) please book both session and the campsite.

If you wish to reserve the campfire as part of a residential booking this will be free of charge, but please reserve your slot here.

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