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Let your imagination run wild

There are loads of activities and resources to make your holiday planning easy. The ideas and sheets on this page can be used any way you wish and many are designed to be flexible in how they are used and support your activities and ideas.

Laminated Copies of all the trail and activity sheets are available in the activity drawers located in the leaders’ lounge, or they can be downloaded as a pdf using the links.

Onsite Adventure 

Challenge Badge

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Booklet of activities and a badge to gain.

There is a full colour booklet that describes the activities and has space to record what you do to receive the lovely snail badge.


Badges £1 each


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We have 16 orienteering posts and a host of trails and ideas. 

Download the maps and discover what orienteering adventures you can have at Faurefold by following the link.


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Geocaching is a treasure hunt that uses coordinates to direct you to hidden containers called caches. 

Geocaching boxes can found around the site and we have 4 easy-to use handheld GPS sets with the coordinates already entered. 

Can you find all the caches?

This activity could be run for the unit as part 1 of the Geocaching badge, or, for part 3, by an older Guide who has already done parts 1 and 2.




Fun with the Forest Folks

Nature Path

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The Forest Friends Nature Path starts behind the back of the carpark Can you find all the Forest Friends hiding along the way?

How about going on a Bear Hunt?

Fairy Doors

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Fairy Doors are located throughout the woodland. You’ll find them scattered along the ridge from the Woodland Xylophone to the Story Circle via the Mosaic.

Click here to download the Fairy Doors Guide

14 Things

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Free roam the site and see if you can find all these creatures and magical beings – What else can you find? How about a photo safari?

Download the Activity sheet here

Discovery Boxes

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There are 4 boxes that have been beautifully painted by the Guides on Giant Art Day. If you stand by the flagpole, you can see them all. They can be used as bases in a wide game or for wherever your imagination takes you.

There are already interesting cards for exploring in each box, should you wish to use them

Nature Detectives

Bug Hunt

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Our bug hotel is the perfect place to start your minibeast hunt.

The nearby MagPost can be used to look at what you find. You will also find a set of magnifying glasses available to borrow from the leader’s lounge.

Nature Nuts?

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We pride ourselves on the diversity of flora and fauna at Faurefold. It’s a great place to discover nature – from mini-beast hunts to leaf identification. We are also home to these magnificent Roman snails. Look carefully and you should find one.

There are lots of excellent external resources and we have laminated sheets and equipment available in the leaders lounge.

Click below to visit our dedicated page with loads of links and ideas.

Go Batty

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Bats fly around at Faurefold and are most active in the summer – the best time to see them is around sunset, when they swoop around hunting for insects.

Faurefold has two set of bat detection handsets which pick up the high-frequency clicks and buzzes of bats using echo-location to hunt

You can borrow the detectors free of charge. All you need to bring is 2 AA batteries per set.  Please email us to request use of the sets during your stay.

Tree Trail

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Hug a tree!

Meet Scott, Holly and Hazel.  Use our trail to help you discover the trees Faurefold is home to.

  • Can you find and identify all the different trees?
  • How about using it in conjunction with the Woodland Trust Leaf ID sheets or the  Leaf Dial Activity? Woodland Trust links

Laminated Copies of the Tree Trail are available to borrow in the Leaders Room, or download the pdf here

More Ideas…

Set up shop

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Giving the girls the chance to spend their own money at the “shop” is a really worthwhile and fun activity which helps them develop life skills such as budgeting, mental arithmetic and making choices. Many girls will choose souvenirs for themselves or maybe even gifts to take home to other family members.

Most items are on display on our souvenirs board in the main hall. The shop items are stored in the Leaders Lounge in removable labelled trays which makes it easy for you to set up a ‘shop’ for your girls to visit, or have them do it for themselves

BBQ/Cook on fire

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There is a BBQ for visitors use. Sizzle some sausages for an al fresco evening. You’ll need to bring your own charcoal. 

We also have plenty of bricks and crates for making altar fires and 4 sets of patrol cooking equipment.

Let us know by email if you wish to borrow the BBQ or the patrol cooking boxes and we’ll make sure you have access to everything you need. 


Outdoor Music

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The Woodland Xylophone has recently been joined by a tin lid drum kit.

Can you make log drums, carrot whistles?

Bring the woods to life with a music and percussion session for all. 

Giant Games

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We have lots of giant games equipment available for your use. Please help yourself.  All we ask is you put them back lean dry and tidy and inform us if anything needs repairing or replacing.

  • In the Brown Shed:
    1. Giant Jenga
    2. Giant Skittles
    3. Cricket Bat
    4. Giant Bag of Games
  • In the Leaders Lounge:
    1. Parachute
  • Discovery Box Near the Bug House:
    1. Noughts and Crosses

    Please email to request the code for the Brown Shed and let us know you will be using the equipment.

    Areas to meet play and have fun

    Woodland Circle

    A place for story-telling and activities

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    In the summer our story/activity circle is beautifully positioned in the dappled shade. Use it for a craft activity or  home base for orienteering or the “14 things to find” challenge.

    Have you thought about trying some storytelling? Get your girls to give it a go with one of the storytelling UMA’s or the Rainbow Storyteller interest badge.

    Den Building

    We have everything ready for construction

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    Who doesn’t love a den?

    The woodland environment is perfect for building dens and shelters. We have two areas located between the campfire and the camping glade that are perfect for building dens and you’ll find plenty of sticks/branches to get you started.

    Please make sure to dismantle any dens you make at the end of your session and leave in a safe and tidy pile for others to enjoy


    Making Guiding memories in the most traditional way

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    The large campfire area is centrally located. Benches surround the circle and will comfortably seat 30-40 people.  A log store is located nearby and you are free to use what is there. There is plentiful wood and kindling to be found on site. A saw might be useful for cutting logs to size and we would appreciate it if you could replenish the stocks if you can. 

    Metal Buckets for dowsing water are located in the outside toilet blocks. Please make sure you fill these and have these available before lighting your fire. 

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