Orienteering Trails

Laminated Copies of these maps are available in the activity drawers in the leaders Room, or they can be downloaded as pdf’s here.

Orienteering takes place in our beautiful natural environment: download the Woodland  Risk Log

Notes on specific risks to consider when orienteering at Faurefold



There are 16 permanent orienteering marker posts at Faurefold.

    Each marker has the standard orienteering symbol on it.

Each marker post has a number so you know you have found the right one and a letter. This letter can be written down as proof of visiting the marker.

There are a number of described courses; all entirely within the Faurefold grounds. Each starts and and finishes at the steps of the main building, by the Compass and the letters you find on the way will spell a word or phrase.

Alternatively there is a map with all 16 controls marked on. You can choose you own courses, see how many can be visited in (say) 10 minutes) or devise other challenges

There is a hook on the side of each post on which tokens or prizes can be hung. Perhaps you could search out the ingerdients for a meal or the pieces for a puzzle or craft activity.

Alternatively try our  Orienteering Code Challenge. Find and record the letters on all the  posts and use them to decode the words and phrases on the Challenge sheet


Courses may be done individually or in groups and can be a times race or a gentle walk

Course A the Campsite XXXm long and is very easy – participants should be in full view at all times

Course B is XXXm  long and a bit more adventurous

Course C, the Woodland Course is XXXm and quite hard, it’s not recommended for anyone who has not completed course B, many of the controls are in the woodland

Enjoyed Orienteering?

We would like to thank Don McKerrow of South London Orienteers and Wayfarers for his time developing our orienteering courses at Faurefold.

If you enjoyed this activity and want to find out more about orienteering visit one of our local clubs