Campsite Information


The address is Faurefold, Lince Lane, Westcott, RH4 3LX.

Boundaries and security

  • Faurefold property covers over 11 acres, this includes the woods at the back of the house as well as the area in front and the campsite. There is a 6 ft chain link fence surrounding the property.
  • The site gates open outwards and should be secured back with the wire hooks - remember to close the gates once everyone has arrived.
  • A padlock is available should you wish to padlock the gate, if leaving the site unattended.
  • Please do not allow anyone to climb the boundary fence or swing on the gate.

Car park 

  • The Car park is on the left just inside the gate.  Please do not let anyone park on the grass.
  • Due to the narrow lane and entrance there is no access for coaches.
  • The car park is not large, please consider the number of cars arriving and departing and encourage lift sharing where appropriate.
  • Disabled parking and Leaders parking is available by the kitchen door of the house. House users are asked to be considerate if this space is needed by someone using the campsite.
  • The car park should generally be kept out of bounds for young people during your stay.
  • Reverse Parking is recommended, particularly in the parking spaces adjacent to the house.

Water and waste

  • All onsite water is drinkable, but outside taps should be run through before using for drinking water.
  • Water and sewage drains into a septic tank.  Environmentally friendly cleaning products are available in the cupboard in the store room. Please do not use bleach as it affects the chemistry of the septic tank.
  • Black bins and green recycling bins are collected on alternate Fridays and food waste is collected every Wednesday.

Dogs are not normally allowed on site - in exceptional circumstances permission may be obtained beforehand, please contact us to discuss your situation.

General Info

  • We try to ensure that all visitors are welcomed on arrival.  If we cannot arrange for you to be seen in we will make arrangements directly with you about getting in.
  • Camping equipment is stored in the striped shed, beside the campsite.
  • Water – Please run off 4 buckets of water before first use.
  • The large fridge/freezer available in the storeroom is accessible from the side of the house: The door to the storage area should be kept locked when not in use. The house user will also have a key to the internal door of the storage area to access the cleaning supplies and tables. Please make sure these are accessible at all times.
  • Mobile ‘phones may be charged in the storeroom. We recommend that all unit or personal electrical equipment be PAT tested before use on site.  Please make sure mobile phone chargers are not left unattended or on overnight.

Be good neighbours

  • The house is in use most weekends, please be mindful that house users need outdoor space too and take the time to check-in with them.  We ask that campsite users access the toilets using the steps and not the path alongside the house.
  • In general the space in front of the house and behind the kitchen is reserved for house users. If there are people in the building please keep noise near the building to a minimum, especially in the evenings.

Fire and Security

The fire assembly point for campers and session users is below the flagpole – if there is more than one group on site, please make sure that you assemble as separate groups.

If there is a fire on the campsite you should: raise the alarm; move safely to the assembly point; call the fire brigade; alert any other users on site, including those in the house and call the Booking Secretary (once it is safe to do so).

  • It is advisable to arrange a fire practice as soon after arrival as possible, so that everyone (including children) knows what to do in an emergency both by day and by night.
  • If there is a fire in the main house, you will need to also meet at your allocated assembly point so that all on-site can be accounted for.
  • If there is a fire inside the House and it is unoccupied then you will need to take responsibility for notifying the fire brigade etc, if it is occupied then the person inside should do so.

This is a no smoking site and smoking is prohibited both inside and outside.


On arrival you should be provided with or shown the location of

    • Keys to the “Brown Shed” for activity items
    • Detachable ‘heads’ for the outside taps
    • Code for the “Stripy Shed” for camp equipment
    • Storeroom key to access a fridge/freezer and tumble dryer

Trolleys are available for the movement of bulky items or wood to the campsites. They can be found by the green sheds and should be immediately returned after use. They should not be ridden on at any time.

An open marquee is available for use by campers and for outdoor sessions in the summer months. Please feel free to use this for your camp. Additional tables and chairs can be found in the brown shed.

Camping Equipment

Did you know we have tents, central cooking and patrol cooking equipment available in out stripy shed – in fact nearly everything you’d need for a 4-patrol guide camp? 

If you want to use all or some of this equipment, please contact as to discuss further

Risk Logs

    Campsite Risk Assessment

      Woodland Environment Risk Assessment

        Campfires and cooking

        • Please do not remove turf for fires but use the designated sites (concrete altar base or the campfire circle) bricks and grids are available for use.
        • There must not be any turfing. Metal crates and metal sheets must be used when lighting fires elsewhere in the grounds, these are kept in the brown camp shed, beside the log shed and nest to the altar base.
        • Dead wood may be gathered from anywhere in the grounds.   DO NOT cut live wood.
        • Metal water buckets are supplied for you to use at the campfire and for any cooking fires, please ensure that you use the appropriate number dependent on the size of the fire and the numbers of people attending. These can be found in the Stripy Shed if not already by the campfire circle.
        • No food should be disposed of in the woods.  Please use the bins by the gate.
        • Burn rubbish that is safe to do so (i.e. not plastic). Use grease traps to strain liquids before burning the residue.
        • Hot ashes must be left to cool and before being moved to the ash heap behind the log store or behind the altar fire.

        Using Gas

        • If utilising gas for cooking these should be stored appropriately and not operated within a confined space.
        • Keep gas well away from tent or shelter walls.
        • Gas cylinders should always be left outside.

        On departure

        Please leave Faurefold clean and tidy.  

        We know that packing up is a busy time and have compiled a checklist to help you. This can be downloaded and is also displayed on the information board near the entrance for reference.

        If any area is unsatisfactory the Leader-in-charge will be asked to stay (or return) and clean up.  We inspect after each letting and  ‘it was like this when we came’ is not a reason not to leave the house and site as you would like to find them.  Incoming Leaders do appreciate a clean house and campsite.


        Your Feedback is important to us. Please take a few minutes to fill in our feedback, comments and suggestions survey; so we can work to make your stay even better in future.

          Help keep Faurefold safe!

          Breakages and damage should be reported to the person seeing you out and whilst you may be charged, it is not our usual practice, we just would like to know what needs fixing and ensure the property remains well-equipped and safe for everyone.


          Please also use this form to let us know about any major accidents that you report to Guiding Headquarters on an Accident Form. We may need to change something as a result.


            Several bus services pass the site linking with Guildford, Dorking and other local towns. Details can be found on the Surrey County Council website.

            Dorking has three railway stations, Dorking (Waterloo/Victoria-Horsham lines), and Dorking West and Dorking Deepdene (Reading - Redhill & Gatwick line). These provide services to London, Guildford and south to Horsham.

            Supermarkets & Stores

            Major supermarkets can be found in Dorking: Sainsbury's; Waitrose; Lidl and Marks & Spencer.

            There are local convenience stores, within easy walking distance, in Westcott.

            Public Telephone

            The nearest Public Telephone is located on The Burrell, Westcott RH4 3PQ

            Hospitals and Doctors

            Epsom General Dorking Road, Epsom KT18 7EG (approx 10 miles)- 01372 735735

            East Surrey Three Arch Road, Earlswood, Redhill RH1 5RH (approx 11 miles)- 01737 768511

            Royal Surrey Egerton Road, Guildford GU2 7XX (approx 9 miles)- 01483 571122

            Doctor Out of hours service - 111

            Nearest Public Access Defibrillator The Bakery, Guildford Road, Westcott

            Rubbish Disposal

            • Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is responsible for waste and recycling collection.
            • Rubbish bins are located in the wooden sheds/crates, just inside the main gate.  Please ensure rubbish is securely stored within these and not stacked behind or on top, as rubbish attracts scavenging wild animals - especially foxes. MVDC collect directly from here and rubbish does not need to be "put out".

            Rubbish should be sorted into recyclable, food and other:

            • Recyclable rubbish should be loose in the bin – not bagged. Please clean and compact (e.g. flatten tins).
            • General rubbish needs to be bagged (or the bin men won't collect it).
            • All food rubbish should be bagged before being put in the bins by the gate (no black bags).
            • If there is insufficient room in the bin for the lid to fit securely, please arrange for someone to take the extra bag home.  Remember that the group following you will need somewhere to put their rubbish.

            For more information on what can and can't be recycled in Mole Valley visit molevalley_2022_serviceguide_web.pdf  Thank-you!