Nature Detectives

Go Batty

Bats fly around at Faurefold and are most active in the summer – The best time to see them is around sunset when they swoop around hunting for insects.

Faurefold has two set of bat detection handsets which pick up the high-frequency clicks and buzzes of bats using echolocation to hunt

You can borrow the detectors free of charge. All you need to bring is 2 AA batteries per set. Please ask so that they can be made available.  Please use the contact form below to request use of the sets during your stay

Get going….

Here are some wild ideas to get you exploring outdoors.

Learn your leaves….

….find some fungi or become a wildlife spotter.  Follow the links below to find some great Woodland Trust resources, that you can use at Faurefold.  Don’t worry we have some laminated sheets as well; on site in the leaders room.

Hug A Tree

Meet Scott, Holly and Hazel.  Use our trail to help you discover the trees Faurefold is home to.

  • Can you find and identify all the different trees?
  • How about using it in conjunction with the Woodland Trust Leaf ID sheets or the  Leaf Dial Activity?

Laminated Copies of the Tree Trail are available to borrow in the Leaders Room, or download the pdf here

Download the Risk Log for activities in our woodland environment

Forest Fun?

Faurefold Fairies & Forest Friends: Oodles of Ideas and Resources here.

Play & Learn?

Discover the special places we have for your unit to gather and grow.

Book a Session

We are the perfect place for summer evenings. Book a session!