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In the summer our story/activity circle is beautifully positioned in the dappled shade. Use it for a craft activity; As home base for orienteering or the "14 things to find" challenge.

Try some storytelling or get your girls to give it a go with one of the storytelling UMA's.

Woodland Circle

A Place for story-telling and Activities

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The large campfire area is centrally located with bench seating all around. The adjacent log store has wood and there is plenty to be collected form the woodland floor. Please replenish, you may wish to bring a saw.

Metal Buckets are located in the outside toilet blocks. Please make sure you fill these and have these available before lighting your fire.


Make Guiding memories in the most traditional way

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The woodland environment is perfect for building dens and shelters. We have two areas located between the campfire and the camping glade that are perfect for building dens and you'll find plenty of sticks to get you started.

Please make sure to dismantle any dens you make at the end of the evening and leave in a safe and tidy pile for others to enjoy.

Den Building

Who doesn’t love a den – our den areas are ready for construction

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Nature Detectives

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Tree Trail; Bug Mag; Bat detection kits. We have the equipment and resources to keep everyone happy.

Fun in the Forest

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Faurefold is full of quirky forest fun and we have lots of resources and ideas to get your unit out having fun.

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Bring your unit to go wild in the woods, Book the campfire circle and the nearby woodland areas for a unit meeting.

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