Fun with the Forest Folk

Let your imagination run wild

There are loads of resources on site to make your holiday planning easy. The ideas and sheets on this page are designed to be used anyway you wish.

Laminated Copies of all the sheets are available in the activity drawers in the leaders Room, or they can be downloaded as pdf’s here.

If you want some ideas to get started browse below

Nature Trail

The Nature Trails starts behind the back of the Carpark Can you find the Forest Friends hiding along the way?

How about going on a Bear Hunt?

Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors are located throughout the woodland behind the House

  • See if you can find them all
  • Use them as a backdrop for for a Fairy Tea Party

Click here to download the Fairy Doors Guide

Discovery Boxes

There are 4 boxes that have been beautifully painted by the Guides on Giant Art Day. If you stand by the flagpole, you can see them all. They can be used as bases in a wide game or for wherever your imagination takes you.

There are already interesting cards for exploring in each box, should you wish to use them

Click here for a downloadable pdf and more information

14 Things to find at Faurefold

Free roam the site and see if you can find all these creatures and magical beings – What else can you find? How about a photo safari?

Click here to download the trail sheet

Woodland Music

The Woodland Xylophone is the perfect setting for music making Can you make log drums, carrot whistles?

Perfect Places

Den Building; Campfire and Smores; Crafty Corner – discover the places that make Faurefold Special

Down in the dirt!

Faurefold has everything you need to help you unit discover our beautiful beasts and fabulous flora and fauna

Ready to be Wild?

Bring your unit for the day, or an evening meeting: You can book a campfire or woodland session here.